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KCP primarily adds value through restructuring outstanding debt, correcting title defects, entitling land to its highest and best use and environmental remediation. In addition to these services, KCP is an active developer throughout Florida, specifically when investment properties meet certain criteria.

Property Type
  • Industrial
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Single & Multi-Family Residential
  • Mixed Use
Regional Focus

KCP focuses on the acquisition and development of properties in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.


Prior to the development of a commercial property or residential community, developers are required to coordinate with local municipalities to ensure that the property’s proposed use meets local codes.  Obtaining the uses necessary for a landowner to develop a proposed use is known as entitlement. Entitling property to be developed to its highest and best use typically results in the addition of significant value to the underlying real estate.

With extensive backgrounds in property development and real estate law, KCP co-founders have overseen the horizontal construction of various commercial and residential developments. Prior to founding KCP, Kelly Kite oversaw the ground-up development of numerous nationally branded hospitality properties. His responsibilities included land acquisition, coordination of zoning, and entitlement changes with local municipalities and construction. As the former President of the Indian River County Board of Realtors, Joseph Schlitt worked closely with residential developers as they brought new communities through the entitlement process.

Since 2009, KCP professionals have successfully worked with local municipalities throughout the State in obtaining entitlements for a wide array of real estate asset classes. The firm has familiarized itself with this process while forming important relationships on the City, County and State levels. Additionally, KCP has forged long lasting relationships with industry leading engineers, attorneys and consultants. With unparalleled experience and strong local relationships, KCP is able to seek development approvals quickly and efficiently.

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