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Investing in historically-distressed real estate asset classes including brownfields, opportunity zones, tax lien certificates, and tax deeds.

Joseph Schlitt and Kelly Kite founded the firm in 2009 in response to a global recession that crippled the real estate development and lending markets. The partners used diverse resource networks and real estate knowledge to found an opportunistic investment firm designed to exploit market inefficiencies and flourish in a distressed market.

While following this strategy, KCP’s original focus was the acquisition of high-yield tax lien certificates and tax deeds throughout The State of Florida. Since 2009, KCP has expanded in size and focus, successfully investing over $250 million for their investors. The company currently makes debt and equity investments across multiple funds encompassing a diverse array of real estate investment vehicles.

Asset Classes
  • Bridge Loans

  • Brownfields and Other Environmentally Impacted Properties

  • Community Development District Bonds

  • Mezzanine Loans

  • Opportunity Zone Properties

  • Tax Deeds

  • Tax Lien Certificates

  • Wetland Mitigation Credits

  • Charitable Foundations

  • Family Offices

  • Financial Institutions

  • Fund to Funds

  • High Net Worth / Accredited Investors

  • Pension Funds

  • University Endowments

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